Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu

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    Beings of ancient and bizarre intelligence, known as Old Ones, are stirring within their vast cosmic prisons. If they awake into the world, it will unleash an age of madness, chaos, and destruction upon the very fabric of reality. Everything you know and love will be destroyed!

    You are cursed with knowledge that the "sleeping masses" cannot bear: that this Evil exists, and that it must be stopped at all costs. You will fend off cultists and terrifying creatures in order to find the clues necessary to ensure those Old Ones do not awaken.

    As your investigation leads you deeper into chaos and madness, your sanity will stretch your capacities to their limits. On the brink of insanity, you are humanity's last hope!

    Game Board
    7 Investigator Figures
    26 Cultist Figures
    3 Shoggoth Figures
    4 Seal Tokens
    44 Clue Cards
    12 Relic Cards
    24 Summoning Cards
    7 Investigator Cards
    4 Reference Cards
    12 Old One Cards
    18 Sanity Tokens
    1 Sanity Die
    1 Rulebook

    Ages: 14+
    Players: 2-4
    Game Length: 40 minutes

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