DreamHack RCQ (2-Slot) - PIONEER

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    Round 3 of the Dreamhack Regional Championship Qualifiers! Round 3 RCQs will be 2-slot, meaning the top 2 players will move onto Regionals.

    If you have already qualified in an RCQ you can NOT compete. 

    Decklists are REQUIRED for this event. Please come early enough to fill them out unless you print them yourself.

    Entry: $25

    Time: March 12th @ Noon (Registration begins at 11 am)

    Format: Pioneer w/ Top 8

    Prize: The first 57 entrants will receive a Mystical Dispute, top 8 will get a copy of Thing in the Ice and the top 2 players will get a FOIL copy of Thing in the Ice, 2 non foil copies of Thing in the Ice and 3 copies of Mystical Dispute! Additional prizes in the form of boosters packs will be based on attendance!

    - $25.00

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