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    Core 2021 prerelease the week of June 26th to July 2nd!  We will be holding In-store events, but we are limiting players to 3 In-store events for now.  Any extra tickets you buy are still good for 'At-home' Prerelease!  When you place your order, include a note as to which prerelease(s) you wish to attend.  Schedule and spots remaining for each event found below.

    Discount for playing in 5 or 6 events!  And anyone who purchases 6 tickets will receive the Core 2021 Buy-a-box promo: Rin and Seri, Inseparable*!

    For more details see the event on FB:

     Schedule and Slots Remaining:


    Wednesday July 1st @ 7 PM Sealed:  14/16

    Thursday July 2nd @ 7 PM Sealed: 14/16


    *While supplies last.

    Single Event - $25.00
    5 Events - $110.00
    6 Events - $120.00

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