Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prerelease Kit (July 16-18th)

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    Welcome to the Realms!  Whose ready to Venture into some Dungeons in search of Treasure?

    This item is for in-store or at-home play!  And if you are going to be playing in-store, it will be at our new location!  The address for the new location is 1319 Bedford Ave.  Masks will remain optional for those who have been vaccinated, required if you have not been.  

    Schedule for in-store play (no need to reserve a spot--there is plenty of space!):

    Friday July 16th - Sealed @ 7 PM & 11 PM

    Saturday July 17th - Sealed @ Noon & 5 PM

    Sunday July 18th - 2HG Sealed @ Noon & Sealed @ 5 PM

    Format: 3 rounds of Sealed

    Prizes: For an home, 2 AFR draft packs per kit.  For in-store, 3-0 gets 5 AFR Draft Packs, 2-1 gets 3, and everyone else gets 1!


    Please contact the store in you have any question!

    Single Kit - $25.00
    5 Kits Bundle - $115.00
    6 Kits Bundle - $125.00

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