MTG - Phyrexia: All Will Be One - Prerelease Ticket (Feb 3-5)

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    The Phyrexians grow ever stronger as Elesh Norn inches closer to her plan to conquer the Multiverse. Join us for prerelease and find out who has been Compleated!
    For each ticket you preorder, you will receive one foil 30th anniversary Temple of the False God

    Schedule (kits are also available for Prerelease at Home):

    • Friday @ 7 PM: Sealed
    • Saturday @ Noon & 5 PM: Sealed
    • Sunday @ Noon: 2-Headed Giant Sealed
    • Sunday @ 5 PM: Sealed
    • Structure: 3 Rounds of Sealed
    Prizes: 3-0 gets 5 All Will Be One Set Boosters, 2-1 gets 3 Set boosters, and everyone else gets 1! (Take home kits come with 2 set boosters)
    If you have any questions please contact the store!

    Single Kit - $35.00
    5 Kits Bundle - $150.00

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