Double Masters 2022 Preview Event

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    Because we are a WPN Premium, Wizards of the Coast has allowed us to host an exclusive event for Double Masters 2022.
    Preview this new set a week early with a premium draft!
    Preview Draft: July 1st @ 7pm , July 2nd @ Noon, July 3rd @ Noon.
    Release Day Draft: July 8th @ 7pm
    Entry: $50
    Format: Draft, 3 rounds each 50 minutes
    Prize: In addition to giving each participant a promo card, limited one (1) person, Double Masters 2022 draft packs will be used for prize support!
    3-0 gets 5 packs of Double Masters 2022
    2-1 gets 3 packs of Double Masters 2022
    Everyone else gets 1 pack of Double Masters 2022!

    - $50.00

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